Reefer Trailer Rental

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Why Lease?

  • Become more flexible, so you can meet seasonal demands.
  • Remove the burden of ownership, so you can rest easy.
  • Test out different brands of refrigerated trailers, so you can be sure before you buy them for your business.

The History of Reefers

What is refrigeration? Simply stated, it’s about taking heat from a low-temperature area and moving it to a high-temperature area. Typical uses include household refrigerators, but also freezers and air conditioning.

The ability to keep things fresh has had an enormous impact on our everyday human life and an even greater impact on the industry of agriculture.

Civilizations first started preserving food thousands of years ago. The first forms of cooling were used around three thousand years ago by the Chinese, Greeks, and Romans. These civilizations were known to harvest snow and store them in ice cellars. At first, these forms of cold storage were used just for cooling drinks, but later in history, ice pits were used to preserve perishables.

We’ve come a long way since then, and even in the past 200 years, we’ve seen tremendous advancements in the way we can store, move, and preserve food.

In America, in the 1800’s, ice turned into a valuable commodity. As people learned to move ice around the country more efficiently, the price of ice fell. Ice was now commonly used by individuals to store certain foods such as fish, meat, dairy, and produce. Now that there was a relatively cheap way to keep food refrigerated, the scope of agriculture in the United States could start to expand.

Later, scientists would invent technologies that could cool with chemical processes instead of ice. The very first reefer ships used these advancements to carry lamb meat from New Zealand to Great Britain. This type of ship was the predecessor to two of today’s primary modes of refrigeration transport: trucks and trailers.

Today, reefer trailers are used in the transportation and logistics industry to haul temperature-sensitive products by ground all around the world. Typical trailer lengths are 48 feet and 53 feet, and the temperatures inside can range from below freezing to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. There are many different makers of temperature-controlled trailers, but some of the biggest and most popular companies are Wabash, Great Dane, and Thermo King.

It’s amazing to see how far the technology has come in such a short period of time. Advancements in cooling technology have allowed us to consume food in ways we could never have before and have been a great boon to the farming industry.

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